Which Crawford Cat Are You?

Take this vastly important quiz to find out

  1. In a party, are you:
    The life of the party
    The shy one in the corner who eventually becomes the center of attention
    I don't go to parties. They are beneath me.
    I prefer small, intimate gatherings of close safe friends who don't threaten me.

  2. Everything you do is done...
    A bit messily
    With musical accompaniment

  3. Your appearance can best be described as:
    A bit shaggy
    Impossibly cute

  4. You ideal career would be:
    A rock star
    A big game hunter
    A wealthy, neurotic recluse
    A professional mattress tester

  5. What would make you the happiest?
    An immaculately clean house
    Being surrounded by thousands of adoring fans
    A bomb shelter in the back yard... just in case
    An intense, interactive, never-ending video game with lots of bright flashing lights

  6. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    An intricate series of mountain caves full of mysteries and secret spots
    Baking on a beach under a hot tropical sun
    A deserted island, far away from any distractions
    The highest peak in the tallest mountain range where I can gaze down on everyone else

  7. What is your favorite type of music?
    Heavy metal
    Top 40 hits
    Soft jazz